About me

Once upon a time there was a young lad born in the sleepy town of Stroud. He led a childhood not too distant from a Just William and This Country mashup on the rolling Cotswold hills, and thought nothing could be better than rounders on the common followed by a Winstones ice-cream and a lardy cake (if you know, you know). Moving to the Welsh borders in his early teens, though, he fell in with a hardcore creative crowd (the ones your mother warned you about) and got hooked on the arts. Soon he was a full-blown addict, spending every penny he could scrounge on artistic endeavour; mainlining theatre, injecting art directly into his eyeballs, and searching for creativity in wherever he could find it. Heed this cautionary tale, and take it as a warning to never let your kids dabble in the arts. One taste is all it takes to have them hooked for life!

Having followed my first love of acting through formal training to a prosperous career that’s taken me all over the world, my artistic horizons have expanded to include the ancient and noble art of solo-storytelling, the patient and subtle discipline of photography, and the balls-to-the-wall world of sword-wielding, gun-toting magnificence that is fight choreography. It’s a pretty broad creative church, but it’s absolutely ruddy marvellous! If you want to find out more about any of the things I do, click the button below to get in touch.